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Re: new labs, please help


Yeah I sure have symptoms and feel like because this lasts already that long, my body is just worn out. I long for some feeling better and optimal levels really.

You will get there hyperT and hypoT issues cause thyroid depression. It doesn't help when you have to herd the MD donkeys out of the way to find your true thyroid artist.

Sure have symptoms and plenty even. What is weird, one of my current symptoms is my bloated stomach. I can compete with pregnant women (which I'm not), it's painful too. it's a hypo symptom, no? so how is this possible with these labs?
Gastric issues are predominantly hypoT. But you get gas and loose stools with hyperT as well. I really think it is the fact that you are hypoT in t3.

Your PTU is a conversion switch. It restricts conversion of T4 to T3 and makes RT3 synthesis preferred. Good call on checking the PTU FUNCTION. I would look into dialing up your ATD and dialing back the PTU. See what your MD thinks of this suggestion.

My adrenal glands are checked with ACTH test (is that the word), but nothing came out of that. no I'm not taking steroid.

I am cringing visibly here. ACTH is the pituitary glands view of adrenal function. It does not actually come from your adrenals. An ACTH alone is like treating your thyroid by TSH alone. Not wise in my opinion. There are multiple pathways that produce more than a dozen hormones in your adrenals. Your adrenals take cholesterol ( yes it has a purpose! ) and use it as the reagent to synthesize pregnenolone, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, aldosterone, cortisol, DHEA, and many more Are produced in your adrenals. It is important to get a COMPLETE adrenal profile. Would you settle for just A TSH to test your thyroid profile?
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