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Re: new labs, please help

I have Hashi's and Graves as well! So does my mom and two of her four sisters. The other two are pure breed Graves and Hashimoto's. Gotta love that genetic dominance factor. My mom's three brothers. Not a thyroid hick up. Lucky ducks.

My four year quest for the optimal Endo was a bust. There opinions were:

Endumb1 - you are too young for treatment. You don't have both. I don't care what the LAN work says you are Hashimoto's not graves. I piped up well technically I am a Graves my father's name and all. I was labeled fat, lazy, and over earring to under eating and over exercising in 12 minutes. That was so much fun. Then to round up her advice. I will treat you when your TSH is above 3. My family line never has a TSH ABOVE THREE! My aunts and mom after thyroidectomies with out ness had TSHs under 2! The you are not your mother commentary insued. I showed her that my FTs were 10% of normal range and she said. That will come up when I exercise less.

Endumb2 I over heard talking to his nurse outside my cracked door. HASHIMOTOs? Graves? These are autoimmune. I don't know how to treat send her to an immunologist! HUH! Very short visit. He tried to convince me to see an immunologist and start a long term steroid suppression of my immune system to keep my thyroid healthy longer!?!?

Endumb3 insisted in RAI. I showed him I was allergic. He said they cam fix thAt!? Yeah like they stopped my mom's heart and gave her a two week run of the HADES hives! I came back would you prescribe a patient with an antibiotic they are allergic to? Answer no. The RAI the only way to truly kill your thyroid. To which I came back you can cut the damn thing out or let my Hashimoto's demolish. It will be just as dead with
Less glow in the dark. I fired him after that.

Endope4 tested FTs but only used the TSH WHICH IS THE ULTIMATE MEASURE OF YOUR THYROID FUNCTION. Why waste the insurances money on such tests! He was the one I fired quickest.

Endow not bad went over everything and honestly told me thAt hecouldn't provide better care than my colaboration with my IM was yielding. Come back when I needed my thyroid cut out or diabetes treatments.

Well me and my IM work well together.

My mom had a toxic goiter and had her thyroid removed twice. They can grow back, nasty boogers!
My two aunts had thyroidectomies after failed RAIs.

We live by the if they can not medicate me effectively yank it out and give me a clean slate to work with! My mom's refrozen was another Endumb act. Partial thyroidectomy to remove toxic goiter. No medication treatment provided. Her remaining hyperT lobe was assumed to be able to meet her thyroid needs! Well big bad nasty grew back bigger than ever and the Endumb didn't catch it because in his opinion she was cured!?!?

Wow! I feel lighter! Blonde hair aside. A good vent can be up lifting. I truly hope that you get a resolution soon!

If we learn by our mistakes, I am working on one hell of an education.