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Re: Desperately Need Advice

I was looking on this site to see if anyone has had the same issue as far as the pain, redness, and itching of their scalp! I have felt so alone lately with whatever has been going on with me. I started with these tiny bubbles way up on my forehead and neck area to swelling around the right ear and my scalp looked as tough it was on fire! It has gone to weird shapes on my neck, to itching, to burning, to my cheeks burning! Went to the dr for this LAST week who said,"Did they diagnose you yet?". I haven't been to a rheumie in quite a while. The original thought was I have some type of Lupus, but the bloodwork says negative. Around here if your bloodwork says negative, than they say you don't have it. I have all the signs from five years ago, but it doesn't show in my bloodwork. My hair has really thinned out, and I don't even see a lot of regrowth. I so wish that I could help you out. I started Lyrica for my Fibro in June, and it has made me gain weight. Talk about being depressed. Sorry that I rambled on about me. I hope that you do find an answer. Take care of yourself!

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