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Re: Hope for Lisfranc--alone and no support

Update 6.5 weeks post-op

I am now 6.5 weeks post-op and hope to be partial weight bearing in a week. The shooting nerve pain has definitely lessened and now is more occasional. I have the aching pain in the arch of my foot that I hope will start to go away when I can really walk. While I no longer take anything for pain, some nights it is still uncomfortable to get to sleep. It is not a lot of pain, but apparently enough to keep me awake.

I had problems with local physical therapists taking my insurance because it does not cover electric stimulation and they would not let me come for just the exercises, so I have stated a bit on my own. When I had the stitches removed, I started the alphabet with my foot and rolling the tennis ball to help my ankle. When that became fairly easy, I moved on to the resistance band to stretch my foot forward and started on the calf muscles--which have greatly deteriorated. I then started all of the leg lifts either standing on the other leg or on the floor. Lastly, I have added 5 lb ankle weights for the leg lifts to help get some muscle back.

I am so looking forward to walking!