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I need help with a diagnosis (Rumination Syndrome?)

Hello, I was wanting some advice finding out what my certain... ability is.

From what I've researched, I think I may have some form of Rumination Syndrom, or Merycism, but there are some big differences.

For backround, I am a 20 year old male, average (slightly flabby) in wheight and height, and have no serious known medical conditions or injuries, and am currently more or less all around healthy with no complaints.

Now, what people with Merycism do and what I can do are nearly exactly the same. I can regurgitate most recently eaten food with little to no effort, no naussea at all, and no stomach acid or bile.

Now, what's different with Merycism and what I can do (as according to *********) is that it is described as mostly occuring in young children and mentally handicapped people. With the teenage/adult cases, it is described as a disorder which cannot really be controlled or stopped conciously, which is completely different from my case. I can completely control when, and how much I might want to regurgitate at any given time, and never have any real urge to do so, other than a few times for comedic shock value in front of friends.

Important note: I DO NOT do this regularly. I am aware of what stomach acid does to the throat (has yet to have any effect on me), and only seldom do it (most usually when I eat so much that I am uncomfortable, I might upckuck some to give my stomach some room). I have been able to do this since I was atleast 15, but I have no knowledge or memory of doing so before then.

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