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Re: Hashimotos!!

NORMAL IS OFTEN NOT OPTIMAL FOR YOU. That said if you post you FT3 and FT4 results with the lab ranges we can show you how to analyze them.

You said you had a nuclear scan. By this you are referring to an RAI uptake correct? Not a target thyroid ultrasound.

Toxic nodular is easily seen in a RAI uptake. Your two nodules would glow like beacons while the rest would be of lower intensity. Is this what was seen or was your entire thyroid one bright butterfly.

Have you had a full thyroid antibody blood draw? Not just the TPOAB AND TGAB that represent HASHIs. I am talking about the GrAves Disease identifiers. TSI AND TRAB. If you have not had these tested I would get those checked out.

Given your initial description of the ultrasound results I am doubtful of the toxic nodule theory.

I have both HASHIMOTOs and Graves Disease. In this case you are on a quick thyroid body war spiralling into complete hypoT as you thyroid is destroyed. Before getting on meds my antibody levels peaked >10,000. They were attaching the mylan protien in my spinal fluid. They were attackingy optic never and causing frequent and unpredictable visually paired hormone induced migraines. I Would flux hypoT and hyperT in a day. I had heart complications and more. My MDs refused to take mine out because it was not excessively enlarged, did not have a cancerous nodule and still had some functional capabilities. It took so long to find MDs willing to treat the thyroid that my adrenals failed while I was waiting. Any thyroid issue is hard to manage alone. You need to get your family and friends on board and find a medical partner to appropriately manage your care.
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