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H1N1 survivors

I am a 48 year old female.
In nov 2009, I was at work and developed a migrain, the kind that messes with your vision. I left work early that day
the next morning I got up to get ready for work. for some reason I was not feeling very good so I called my boss and told him
I won't be coming in. I am usually really good on not calling off. that night I was throwing up and had this tremendous pain
in the left side of my chest. my husband took me to the Er. the PA that saw me told me I had the symptoms of the H1N1. so she gave me a shot of toradol
for the pain and something for the vomiting and send me home. the next night I was still in alot of pain I could not move. so my Husband took me back to the
Er then I got to see a real physician. my 02 was down at 87'. they admitted me. I dont remember much after that. they had to fly me into the next city. from there
thats when they put me in a medical induced coma and put me on a ventilator. I woke up three weeks later. not fully aware of my surroundings. a week later I was
starting to focus a little better then they moved me to Rehab then I stayed there for another week. doctors were telling me they were amazed in my recovery
they had little hopes of me surviving. I had to have three chest tubes my left lung had collapsed my 02 dropped clear down to 64'. I was told they even had a priest
in my room. when I finally got to come home I was using a walker I had to have my husband help me with my showers and toileting. they did diagnose me with emphazema
and supposably neropathy. but told me I would be fine in a year its been almost two years and my legs and feet still hurt. and I still dont have a lot of strength.
I still continue to have problems but can't get dissability because I have not been able to afford to see a doctor because of the high hospital bills (200.000 to 300.000)
to back me up. I am really curiose to hear from other H1n1 survivors to know if they are going through the same things. and if they are still seeing a doctor and what are there

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