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Re: Anyone with LPR and healing well ??

I had the same thing too. I had severe LPR and severe pain for two years. My Drs have told me for over a year now I have to learn to live with it. They took a biopsy of my throat in Feb 2011 as it is burnt to a crisp. On a hunch I had my Vit D checked July 2011. It came back low. My Dr. said to take 2,000 IU of Vit D for life. I did my own research and I found a formula that I am using for myself: 35 IU Vit D x your body weight. I take 6,000 IU based on my weight, my age and that I have avoided the sun for 40 years. From the sum I calculate with the formula I deduct 1,000 IU because I figure I get some Vit D from the food I eat and little bit of sun. I have improved so much the last four weeks. I'm holding my breath that having no pain continues. Only time will tell. I feel so lucky. I don't know why this is working. I sure would like to know why it works. I mentioned it to my GI Dr yesterday and she said she didn't know why it was working. Mystery for sure.