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Re: Hashimotos!!

Thanks so much for your replies, it is so great to talk to people who understand?
You asked for the results - TSH 1.61, FT4 10.8 pmo/l, FT3 4.1 pmo/l, antithyroid peroxidase >600, antithyroidglobulins, >535 - just got through insulin fasting that is now 31.9H uU/ml - very high, but Glucose fasting just under high range normal, cortisol = 494 nmol/L, creatine clearance 2.53 ml/sec. It appears that I am going through hypo, hyper day in day out. I also do NOT want to be going though FNA's consistently with regards to the nodules. I beleive that if this is medicated properly now I am taking affirmative action on my future health and NOT enabling other issues to develop. The Scan her in Aus used is not a nuclear scan but some other called Tamox......cant remember. But it is only directed at the thryoid and has a much lower life span in your body. The scan report says there is relative increase of blood flow to the right side (the other side to the nodule! he dominant nodule Is Photopenic (cold with dead cells) last year the FNA came back beingn Hyperplastic? With no suspicious signs sonographically they cover their butt in suggesting FNA's. The rest of the thyroid unremarkable? Thanks again