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Question Transition from brace to just tennis shoe..

Hello! Well you may or may not know that I had flat foot reconstruction 14.5 weeks ago. After this week I will be transitioning from my Aircast brace to just tennis shoes.. I would like to know what to expect
I know it will probably be a painful adjustment at first but about how long does it take to get used to? Any advice at all you can give me will help! This also means I pick out new shoes next week! My doc recommended New Balance.
I'm a little nervous about picking out shoes because I won't know if any pain i experience is from the actual shoe or just from my foot walking without the brace. I guess that's just something I'll have to try my best to judge?

Also.. My right foot has had the surgery and is now arched, but my left foot is still super flat. I'm supposed to have good support for the right one but my left foot cannot handle that. Is it normal in this case to have two different types of inserts, or is that a bad idea?

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