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Re: Moving Past Your College Regrets

No regrets. I have had a ton of regrets in college but then I realized, that even if I did the things I was "supposed" to do, I'd still be wistful about the what-ifs... we made our decisions, and to dwell on them would only make things worse. Till now of course I'd still think back and wonder "what if?" But then I'd look at my daughter and tell myself if I did things differently, she wouldn't be here with me.

If we dated another woman instead of the ones we did, if we partied instead of studying, or vice versa, life would be different yes, but there still will be problems. We would still have bills to pay, our legs will still hurt, our back will still give out, we'd still have fights with our partners, etc... so embrace the life you have now, and think of the past with nostalgia in mind, rather than regret.

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