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Re: Short Term Disability Employee: Vent!

SpineAZ, thanks for sharing your experience.

I have be handling my situation as much as the STD company will let me. They made it clear to me that they would call my doctor and therapist about my medical conditions as the weeks go by. (Which is why the nurse from STD contacted my doctor.)

The STD company has made no mention to me that I am responsible to update them. When I have offered to, they tell me not to bother. That they will contact my doctor as needed.

Maybe some STD companies work differently?? I don't know. Like I mentioned, this is my first time dealing with something like this. So I am always asking STD company what they need from me, and so on and so to keep my benefits going. But they always tell me that they will contact my doctors. And every time I speak with someone from the STD company they are very snappy and rude to me.

At least your experience has been good.