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Re: tumor in orbit

I also have proptosis of my left eye due to multiple meningiomas which have wrapped themselves around the optic nerve and optic nerve chiasm.

Run, don't walk to a neurologist and a neuro-opthalmalogist, preferably ones who specialize in brain tumors. Depending on the type of tumor you have, you may be able to preserve your vision. But no one will know that until you see a specialist.

My team of doctors (8) at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA deal with this kind of thing all the time. My neuro-opthalmalogist is the Director of his department. The reason we see him is because he is one of the very few in our area who specialize in optic nerve and optic nerve chiasm tumors. He is more than qualified to properly diagnose me and offer courses of treatment.

If you can, find someone who specializes in this field. Most doctors won't know what they are looking at and may tell you that it is nothing to worry about. You want to hear that, we all do. But make sure it is coming from someone who is qualified to give you that diagnosis.

Good luck!