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hysterectomy and weight gain question

If you've had a hysterctomy, what kind of experience have you had after having it? Would you do it over again if you could? Did you have an ovary left in or do you take hormone replacement therapy? Also, have you experienced weight gain since having your surgery?

I am 30 years old and facing the decision of having a complete hysterectomy. Last year I had my right ovary removed due to constant, recurring, cysts. At the same time I also had a tubal ligation, endometrial ablation and endometriosis taken out (for a second time. the first time was 6 months prior to that surgery). I currently have a 6.4 x 5.2 x 3.something cm cyst on my left ovary (per results of a ct scan and vaginal ultrasound done about two weeks ago). As of March 8th it was only 4.5 cm. My obgyn doesn't want to operate just yet since I don't really want a hysterectomy and she's afraid if she operates I will lose my remaining ovary. She did the CA 125 test on me last week on my results were 17.1 (with normal being under 35). On the ultrasound they weren't able to determine whether the cyst was a simple cyst or if it was what they referred to as a neoplasm. Apparently the only way to be sure is to biopsy it which requires surgery. At this point I'm debating going ahead and having the hysterectomy. My obgyn told me that most of the things I read on the internet aren't true (losing the ability to orgasm, vaginal shortening, organs falling out of place) but I'm still not completely sure about what to do. Every woman on my mothers side of the family has had a hysterectomy (grandmother: hemmorhaging cyst, mother: severe endometriosis, aunt: pre-cancerous cells) and my cousin on my fathers side who is just 6 months younger than me had one done last year for severe endometriosis as well. I'm also concerned about weight gain. It seems like all I can find online are stories about women gaining a substantial amount of weight after having complete hysterectomies. Not sure if it's because it's common or because the women who don't gain weight just don't post about it.

Anyway, I would greatly appreciate you sharing any personal experience you may have with a hysterectomy. Thanks!

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