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Re: Toe joint fusion surgery--anyone had?

First off, to all who have posted about their MTP fusions, MANY THANKS! In the weeks leading up to my bi-lateral fusions on August 15, I read and re-read all the posts here, and questioned any and all who had any experience about this in person (especially my OS), and found the posts here to be the MOST encouraging of all.

I am 4 weeks and 2 days post-op. I had severe degenerative arthritic changes, numerous large bone spurs in both great toe joints and free floating fragments in the right toe joint before the surgery. I now have (relatively) no pain, fusing joints, and plates and screws. My daughters laughingly (lovingly) call my feet the "Frankenfeet"! I don't care how they look, they feel wonderful compared to how they used to.

My OS told me 2 days ago to start walking (on my heels) as my pain would allow. How wonderful to be able to walk again, even if it is a wobbly duck-walk! Walked into a restaurant with my DH for lunch today, slow, but without a wheelchair. Supposed to go back to work in 2-3 weeks. Don't quite know how that's going to work out, as at work I'm on my feet for 8 hours. :-(

Again, many thanks to all of the MTP fusion group. Ya'll are the best!

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