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Re: Misdiagnosed Lymes Disease

well it all comes down to diet right? The proper diet can improve any condition and in my opinion. The 2 diseases you are talking about, are very similar in symptoms, as well as very similar in diets; and really the only way to ever improve lyme is to improve your diet, and the only way to improve ciliac is to improve your diet; and BOTH you have for the rest of your life. so there is no cure, but diet can help improve.

I too thought I had lyme when I was younger, all though unlike you I was never bitten by a tick that I know of. But I was sure it was lyme; as my body was falling apart, and like you.. i was told it was all in my head, the strings were wearing thin and it wasnt until things started breaking, and I started getting diagnosed with everything, then cilac was discovered.

Now that I know the truth I look back at all the problems I have that will probably not change but could have prevented if I was on a gluten free diet as a child. And I know now that this was the cause of my mothers early death. you are VERY lucky to have discovered this in your children as they are so young and they usually dont know its ciliac until its almost too late.

i have seen such HUGE improvements and they don’t really know the cause of ciliac yet, so I have got my husband on this diet too even though he does not have it in hopes to help him gain more weight, and I know lots of people who are going gluten free even though they do not have cilac and it seems to be really benefiting them too. If you don’t know what you have, both the diet for Lyme and ciliac are good, I fyou are underweight I would say follow a ciliac diet, if you are obese, maybe try the lyme diet first.

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