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Chest pain, angina, gerd or muscle pain? Scared.

Hello, i have been experiencing intermitent chest pains for about a month.
I am 46 year old, 5 foot 4 iches, 135 lbs, active, jogging, cyclimg, weight lifting. Good diet, cholesterol a bit high but diet controlled. I don't smoke but do drink moderately.

Mom had 2 strokes and takes coumadin. She smokes 2 packs cigarettes a day, overweight drinks and horrible diet.

My chest pains are smack between my breasts always same localised area, it's dull acky feeling. It comes out of nowhere and last anywhere from 2 seconds to 5 minutes. It sometimes wakes me up at night. Happens standing or sitting or laying down. I don't feel pain when jogging but noticed that when really hungry, it starts up. Not sure if it is coincidence or not. I have pain on full or empty stomach.
This morning, after my run, i was hungry but not finished my workout so i startd cycling and the pain started. That was the first tome i felt pain exercising but maybe because i was hungry? i don't get out of breath or tired.
also, at the doctor, i was nervous and the pain started again but it's come and gone erratically so i don't know if it was stressed induced.

I'm scared and sometimes think of going to hospital but by the time I get there, the pain will be gone.

Doctor doesnt think it's my heart but going to do a stress test. in the mean time, got Pantoprazole (pantoloc) to see if it might be gerd or something.

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