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Re: hyperparathyroidism with low PTH?

Vladybird--I am so sorry for your troubles. Your symptoms sure sound like hyperparathyroidism. Interesting that your bone density is above normal. What kind of DEXA did you have? My endocrinologist says that a DEXA of the finger does not show the true picture of bone health.

I too have borderline high CA since 2005. 10.4, 10.8 and recently 11.5. My PTH has only been tested once and it was 42. I've read on Dr. Norman's website that some people do have high CA with lower PTH, which still means hyperparathyroidism. Re: the ultrasound, if the parathyroid tumor is small or the ultrasound technician not very proficient, the tumor might not be seen.

Have you received your PTH results yet? I know how frustrating it is and your symptoms, minus the kidney stones, sound like mine. Good luck and keep me posted.