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Hydrocodone vs. Tramadol??

So I'm a little frustrated with my doctor. I have cronic back pain and he diagnosed me with Arthritis in the vertebrae in my lower back and he put me on Hydrocodone. The pain starts in the lower left side and radiates down through my butt, basically when I wake up I can barely move. It hurts even to pick up my feet to put my socks and shoes on...and I'm only 43. When it's REALLY bad it hurts like hell to sneeze. After I'm up and moving around the pain lessens and may even go away completely but by the time I get home after a long day my back ACHES. He said if it helps then I can use that for the pain. If not I'd have to consider injections. Well, the hydrocodone seems to be working but I've been on it for quite a while and am becoming immune to it. When I told him it was not working as well anymore he immediately told me he wouldn't up the dosage, that i would just have to lessen my activity!! I told him I did not want to up the dosage because I know it's very hard on the stomache and can be addicting but NO WAY was I going to be less active. At work I'm on my feet ALL day. I'm a photographer and can work from 5-14 hours in a day. Standing, sitting, squatting, climbing up on stuff etc. I also have horses and my greatest pleasure is taking one of my horses on a long trail ride. I also enjoy working out, jogging, canoeing, hiking etc. I asked him if there was anything he could give me that was similar but different enough that I could switch back and forth with to avoid needing higher doses. He perscribed Tramadol. I've never ever heard of it but reading up on it the side effects are scary. Is anyone here using that? How does it compare to hydrocodone?

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