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Re: Ringing Ears after an ear infection

Hi Jody

Thanks again for those encouraging words. I do feel your pain as I am in a similar situation as yours. I have changed my life completely, I use to stay home quietly but since this I can't bare the noise in my ear so I go out and keep busy helping others and my family so I can try to forget the noise but somehow I hear it and go into panic attack from time to time.

I appreciate your response because no one around me has this and no one understands what I'm going through so It makes me feel so alone. I get a lot of headaches now at the back of my head and I'm waiting for the doctors reports to see what they have to say. Has the doctor sent you for an MRI?

Well lets hope that the both of us recover soon. Although the doctors say there is no cure for tinnitus but having said that many who have had this like us the noise has gone down but then again others say theirs never went away but I think that's due to older people when they lose their hearing.

I hope though that we will get well soon. Thanks again for your reply it helps to know someone understands.

Take care