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Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.

urg last three days i've been having this HORRIBLY!!!! really bad.

i know it's my stomach. either my ulcer is acting up again, and/or my lining is corroded because i quit smoking and a) had been drinking about 10 diet sodas a day as a replacement (oh the irony! quitting smoking is supposed to heal your gut!), b) have been using ibuprofen for headaches (a no-no i should know better!) and c) eating till my stomach is so full i could throw up!

man i tell you this time it's so bad, i start falling asleep on my side and its not like i can't not breathe, but it's more of a feeling that i am just dying. lol. i'm SO tired and i can almost feel my stomach jumping or spasming. i feel my pulse and it is not racing or anything. it's a horrific anxiety inducing feeling though. like you are exhaling and will never inhale again because your brain is shutting down (no choking or smothering though). and you feel this strange sensation in your upper abdomen, that i always thought was my heart's electrical system shorting out or something but i think it's a combination of light pinching type pain in the stomach and possibly a spasm or a 'jump' like when you are about to get punched in the gut how you would automatically suck your gut in, but not as severe.

i actually woke up a few times yelling HELP HELP (of course my son didn't even hear me, god forbid i really do start dying one night).

i notice when i eat too much and my gerd is going nuts my tummy swells and i have a hard time breathing. i look about nine months pregnant. NOT a good look on me. i get short winded walking up stairs and basically moving a foot in any direction. this is ONLY when i've overeaten.

i'm pretty sure the combo of overeating and stomach erosion/or ulcer recurrance is the problem. just gotta give it time to fix itself. till then i CANT sleep laying on my side, in a flat position.

i just write this to hopefully help anyone else with this problem. my FIRST thought would be that it was a heart rhythm disturbance or sleep apnea. but it only coincides with sever stomach problems flaring up.