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How to talk so the surgeon will listen?

Last month, I was scheduled to have microfracture on my ankle. It turns out, I don't need microfracture - I need ligament surgery.

Two weeks ago, I fell getting out of the shower and twisted my ankle badly. The ER said it is not broken.

Last week, I saw the " backup " surgeon. He said things like " I hope your surgeon has tricks up her sleeve " and " Has she talked to you about fusion? No? oh. " He gave me an aircast to wear for stability, since I've fallen down the stairs, etc.

How do I talk to MY surgeon on thursday so that she listens? I cannot live like this. I can barely take care of my children. I cannot drive. I cannot walk the dog. I cannot sew ( my side business is a children's clothing boutique - no sewing = no extra income ).

And then we come to the issue of pain & swelling. I have pain from my ankle practically to my knee.... which aches from the extra strain. I am getting twice weekly Chiro adjustments to deal with the hip & back problems caused by limping around. By the end of the evening, my ankle is hugely swollen.

Even walking around in my kitchen causes me to twist it funny! ARGH!

Any tips for getting the surgeon to understand that i am NOT a wimp? I have an incredible pain tolerance. Having three c sections was NOTHING compared to this. If i cannot have my ankle fixed and soon, I will be forced to quit my job.

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