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Question unappealed review

hey all have not been on here for awhile. Thought I would update everyone on my status.
So I was approved from the ALJ on July 22. Yesterday I get a letter from the appeals court stating they have pulled my file for their own decision review! Stating there was not enough medical evidence for an approval??? When I went to see my shrink yesterday I told her this and she was actually mad since she had sent so much to the SSA stating I cannot work any type of job.

I have 25 days to send them any new info, I have an appointment with my lawyer next Tues so hopefully she will know more of what to do.

I really don't know why there was not enough medical evidence they have my records all the way back to when I was 18 and even my military records stating a medical issue was why I was discharged in the first place.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? The letter states they can either chose to have an argument called to them or they can just send my case back another ALJ, they have like 200 days to make this decision and it says after 110 days Ian put in a request to be paid if they have not made a decision. I am so frustrated.

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