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Re: baloon sinusplasty

Anyone try baloon sinusplasty instead of endoscopic surgery"
I've had both. They're not really interchangeable so which approach is the best depends on the specific situation you're dealing with.

I have infection in maxillary sinuses with mild mucosal thickening and some mucosal thickening in my right frontal sinus.

Also my turbinates are enlarged, and my nasal passages are probably affected.
Have you been on a course of oral steroids followed by the use of a nasal steroid spray to help reduce the inflammation? That's definitely something you should talk to the doctor about before resorting to surgery.

Balloon sinuplasty can help enlarge the openings to your sinuses so they drain correctly but it won't do anything for the mucosal thickening or the enlarged turbinates (and I wouldn't recommend surgery to reduce the size of your turbinates unless it is done be a highly trained surgeon who does more than just trim the turbinate tissue).

You might also consider allergy testing and treatment (or, if you have GERD, treatment for GERD). Any kind of surgery will only be effective if you get the underlying cause of your sinus symptoms under control.

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