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Cool Re: Alcohol Addiction? Please Help

Hi and congrats on trying to do something about your drinking. My kids were a little bit older than your daughter (13 and 16) when I started drinking alcoholically and a lot of emotional damage was done to them so I definitely agree that you should stop sooner rather than later for your daughter's sake and more importantly, before alcohol gets hold of you even more.

I was a pretty heavy drinker towards the end and I detoxed at home. I am not going to lie, the withdrawals were horrible for me and getting through them was the hardest thing I have ever done. On the other hand, putting the bottle down was also the most rewarding thing I ever did.

As my body went through the withdrawals my mind and body were screaming for a drink. I knew that all it would take would be a drink and all that misery would immediately stop. I had to combat that voice with the truth. It would stop it temporarily and then I would be right back where I started. To get through the hardest times I stayed busy and I told myself over and over that if I could just get through it I didn't ever have to go through it again if I didn't CHOOSE to. It worked and I haven't chosen to pick up a drink in a little over 7 years.

I agree with reachout, support is VITAL to our success! I get my support in various ways which include attending AA, being married to someone who is also sober, recently joined this board.

I also agree with reachout that we drink to avoid thinking about or dealing with situations in our lives. She suggested therapy and I second that. I got mine out working the 12 steps. Doesn't matter the method, just as long as someone helps you to figure out why you drank, what you were hiding from, and work through it so you get some mental and emotional peace about it.

One final thing. When you get ready to quit please inform someone and have them on standby just in case you need to seek emergency care. From the way you describe your drinking you will probably be able to detox at home with no problems but just to be on the safe side, having someone on standby to monitor you and to help with your daughter is something to be considered.

Hugs and blessings to you,

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