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Re: Absolutely sick and tired of it

At forty two, I am definitely too old for this nonsense! I appreciate your 'straight talking', attitude and can see the sense in what you have posted. I attend counselling regularly as part of my pain management plan for FM but as yet, have had no success in persuading my partner to attend.

He feels that seeking psychiatric help is an admission of weakness and often tells me to go to the hardware store and buy a tube of, 'toughen up'. To compound his dislike of psychs and counsellors, his mother, for years has suffered dreadful depression which recently saw her admitted to hospital for electric shock treatment. In my opinion, his brothers, sister and father treated mum very badly - gave her absolutely no support, belittled her, make jokes about her behind her back and told her to, 'just get over it. Stop being a hypochondriac'.

So, no. I don't think counselling will work. From the replies to this post, I think to a degree, I am going to have to take his advice...toughen up and tell him to get knotted. You are right. We only have one life and twenty odd years of mine has been wasted so far on men. I know that I can look after myself and I enjoy the time that I have on my own whenever I return to the UK, so maybe instead of whining about my predicament, I need to quit the crap and get on with standing up to him and issue him an ultimatum. Either pull your head in and start behaving like a human being or pack your bags and find someone else to put with you, eh?

Looks easy on paper, (screen),.....not so easy in real life. I wish I was one of those people who breeze through life thinking only of themselves...they seem to be so much happier.