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My story, what steps should I take?

I had unprotected sex with someone who informed me after that she had genital warts 20 years ago but was treated and it went away. This was about 6 months ago. The past few months I've noticed my scrotum has been severely itchy and I saw this bump come up and was told it could be just a calcium deposit. I ended up going to an STD/HIV clinic to get tested for everything and I was clean. But I also find out that MEN can't get tested for HPV? SO I could still have HPV and not even know it. What is annoying me is that I now see a small little bump forming on my scrotum in another place, Could this be the beginning of a genital wart? What does the beginning stages of a genital wart look like? Just starts off as a small pimple and flourishes into the cauliflower look? How do I know if I'm high risk?
I don't even know where to go since I don't have any insurance or even a doctor so that is why I am here turning to you folks for some help!

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