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Re: Just becoming too much

Thanks so much for replying. I'm not working because I have worked at the same factory for 22 years and cannot do THAT TYPE of work any more. I have such bad days so frequently that I don't know how reliable I would be with any type of work, but more of a professional, desk type job would be more reasonable for me. I just today called a lawyer to try to get SS disability. I am going to school and was before all this happened. I want to hurry up and get a degree which would enable me to get a job that I CAN do. However, I have to live in the mean time, that's why I'm going to the lawyer.
I take 3600 mg of gabapentin (neurotin) a day and 100mg tramadol every 4 hrs, supplemented with 800mg ibuprofen when the really intense stuff hits. You described it perfectly it is either way intense pain or awful pain every day. Sometimes it varies during the day, but it never goes away. My diagnosis is small fiber peripheral neuropathy. They really don't know why I have it either, other than there was an indication of an antibody in my system. One doc says thats it, the other says that really doesnt mean anything, so who knows. I am now only seeing a pain dr. I am to begin seeing a pain psychologist next month (soonest I could get in, even though my pain dr said i needed to start right away) My blood pressure keeps getting really high so I see a general practitioner for bp meds. Dr had me on cymbalta, but I told him I didn't notice a difference with or without it so he said no sense in taking it then. He suggested lyrica, but with my income all messed up I really cant afford it.He said he thought I was on the best treatment plan for now anyway. He said this is just the way it is basically. Was yours progressive. Mine started out as little stings at the tips of my toes. then I would feel like someone was stabbing something in under my toenails. From there symptoms began piling up and the pain became gradually worse. I dont' think it has stopped growing either. I told him that and he said "hmm" Oh my, he is nice but he just keeps saying o.k. that's it. THIS IS IT???????? Ive been to 3 drs at the finest places in our area, Barnes Jewish in St. Louis MO, RIC in Chicago Ill. and Rusk Rehab in Columbia MO and they all say EXACTLY the same thing...which is the same thing that our hometown docs said in the first place....they don't know and live with it. HOW???