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Re: Just becoming too much

I do work in an office...I'm an admin assist for the owners of a software company in a city on the outskirts of Phoenix. I'm lucky that my job does have a lot of times when I'm sitting down(even though long periods of that is BAD for my legs) but will add since I have PN typing can be a pain since my hands are so bad...but I work through it and the owners all know my condition so they don't usually ask me to do more they I can ie w/my crappy balance I don't get stuck moving/carrying things.

I haven't looked into SS Disability yet...many have suggested it though.

I currently take 3600mg of Neurontin for my PN and 2 Pramipexole 0.25mg tabs for my RLS. I've never tried a pain Doctor...I HATE pills as it is and don't like taking what I do let alone more. I just saw my doctor on Monday and there is now talk of putting me on Cymbalta due to me not sleeping well and since I'm(and you)are taking max Neurontin they wanted to see if that would help..I'm not so sure I want to bother w/it.

I've tried Lyrica about 1 1/2 months ago to see if it helped me more then the Neurontin...and hated it...just made me more numb then I am went back to Neurontin..but never hurts to try to get relief.

I have Peripheral Neuropathy...How is your balance???? Mine is awful. My PN started on the bottom of my feet....they just hurt..thought maybe it was from my saw my GP Doctor...he referred me to a foot Doctor which referred me to a Neurologist...had a BUNCH of lab work..zap test...saw 3 more Neurologists...which did more labs/zap tests and also a spinal tap and ankle nerve biopsy.....found out they all agreed.. and since it started the pain is now from mid calf down to my toes and from just below my wrists to my fingertips....I have idea why...or how to address the issue besides pain the "we can't treat you until we know why you have PN"....which enraged me.

leighallen, believe me I've had this since 07 now...been mad/upset/******/depressed ect....which all doesn't help us at all...I decided a few years back to TRY and not let PN rule my life...I'm bigger then it is. K really helps me make it...and taught me to try and get on w/my life..don't let it get me isn't worth it. Try and be positive and know you are doing your best w/the hand you were dealt. We can't change it right now so just live your life and don't let PN make you live it the way it wants you to.

Hope you have a good morning and better afternoon.

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