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Re: Surgery for Chiari - Need Input!!!!!

*I* did not have Chiari surgery, but my now 4 year old daughter DID. Twice.

How large is your herniation?

What are your symptoms?

M's chiari was 12 mm long and extended through c1. She had a bony decompression and dural scoring. It was several weeks before she was willing to turn her head. But the difference for her was immediate. She had been on a feeding tube for a YEAR. After surgery, she began to eat. Her last tube feeding was in the hospital after surgery. Two years later, she is eating like a normal child. THANK GOODNESS!

Eight months after surgery, her headaches and night crying returned. A trip to the doctor and an MRI showed that the compression was back and that the herniation was now kinked. During surgery, fluid FOUNTAINED out.

She did have some pain issues both times, and some vomiting. Zofran helped with the vomiting. She was pretty heavily dosed on morphine for a few days. I think it was about two weeks before she stopped complaining of a constant headache, and from there, she got better very very quickly. It was a wonderful surgery and I would ABSOLUTELY do it again for her. In a heartbeat.