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Re: Boredom the Bipolar Curse of the gifted

I love this. So very accurate. I'm Bipolar II, so I don't think it's as intense for me, but I do understand the frustration with simply existing. At times, I feel I'm doing wonderful things, and my life is headed in fantastic directions, then something in my brain switches and I realize I'm going the exact same place as everyone else. I'm doing the same things, working, going to school, etc.. but I see no value in any of it. I think that I'll just get tired of everything I do and everyone I know. There has never been a long term for me, it has always been passing glances. I can't hold my attention long enough for a long term. I tire of situations too easily. Take relationships, for example. That's just a really huge joke, and I don't even need to go into detail. Jobs; I can't stand the monotony of a 9-5. Even if it's random shift work, I start to tire of the tasks themselves. Everything just gets so boring. Thinking about having to endure life for another 50 or so more years is exhausting. I don't understand common folk either. That's not happy to me. But there are times I delude myself into believing I'm not just existing and I do have some sort of purpose, and I'll stop growing tired of everything and life will eventually be great. Eh, it gets me by.