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Re: caregiver job for parapalegic advice

Just to follow up on my post... I did contact the labor board to see if the paperwork I filed was processed. Basically, they said there were many, many cases like mine because of mental illness patients. They are not at all at risk of losing any benefits because there are so many laws protecting their rights. So... the kind gentleman, suggested I try again, on my own, to get my former employer to sign my "two weeks worth of work" time sheet. I called my former boss two days in a row with no response, called the payroll company, to see if maybe he was, indeed in the hospital. Yup, It was about 3 weeks after I was fired, I guess he's been in the hospital ever since, now another month has went by. I called his Mom. She is hoping he is well enough to sign them this week coming. What a long story! I wouldn't mind working for him again. It was so unexpected to be fired. But my husband is too worried he may have an episode again and it may be worse? My heart goes out to those who suffer those hidden illnesses. We can see an injury, but an internal illness is tricky.
I was sure to tell his Mom all the good things about my experience. How he could accomplish so much with such little help from me. He endured a lot. He is very strong. She should be very proud of him.

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