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Re: Boredom the Bipolar Curse of the gifted

This is my first post, I have bipolar I and I can totally relate about getting bored. Getting bored to the whole repeat thing is one of the many things that contributed to put me into my first breakdown. Maybe it is a curse for us, as during our hyperactive time we could do things and think thoughts beyond normal's means, and that is not good for this world so we shall suffer the downs, which are our mind torture. then the whole contrast between the ups and downs makes it unbearable. we fluctuate between our illusion of powerfulness and full-blown misery and self-mocking.
It is not a nice place to be where we are, so unless we medicate and do some CBT or thought adjusting to align to the normals, it can get totally overwhelming. We are unlucky to have this, but so are other people with other diseases. Maybe CBT can also help with boredom, and we have to do something about it.