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Re: Unilateral Paralyzed Diaphragm--chances of bilateral?

Regarding your post on unilateral diaphramatic paralysis: Three months ago I began having "panic" attacks which I had sever shortness of breath for no apparent reason. I am a spinal chronic pain patient so I thought the extreme pain was causing my panic attacks. Although I have been a spinal patient since 1983 without having a shortness of breathe problem in the past. So the last three months has been a mystery for me as well as my doctors. Next month I will be sent to The University of Washington Hospital in an effort to find the reason for this diaphragm to suddenly stop working.
In reading your post your symptoms are quite parallel to mine. Has there been any progress in your condition. And what if the other side fails?
I am new to this condition and rather nervous about the possible outcomes.
Looking forward to hearing from you.