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Re: Cannot concentrate while reading and I'm having learning difficulties

Originally Posted by MXAlpha View Post
Alright here's my problem:
I'm giving exams in 20 days and whilst I've been studying for over a month it's very hard for me to remember the questions/answers I've been studying.
I use this method for studying:
I read each question at least five times and try to answer them. The book I'm studying has 450 questions/answers total and it is about 150 pages.
The next day I'm studying it's really hard for me to remember anything it's like I'm studying the same questions for the first time.

Also I'm having trouble concentrating enough. While I study sometimes my mind goes blank and I'm thing about other things like my social status (real, not ********'s), my friends, the movie I watched yesterday etc.

Is there any solution?
Dont do so much!!!
I dont like to study that much cause i dont understand nothing.

You should go to a learning disablity center. They can help you learn ways to cope.