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Re: end of life...what will it be like

I am not glad i found your post but in a way i am... my mom right now is suffering from pc... her liver is failing and I'm watching in horror as the pain takes over her body. she was diagnosed in feb of this year and went through chemo... cat scans were going good as the chemo was working, then all of a sudden last Tuesday we went in for chemo and she never came out. my mom is my best friend. I'm a single mom and an only child. I'm devastated, just shaking inside with anxiety because i know she's scared to die.

my dads at the hospital now and I'm preparing myself again to go there. hospice wont let her go home because she is completely out of it from the delotted, morphine and phentynal. she hasn't eaten in 2 days and cannot speak. she moans in pain and i can tell in her face how uncomfortable she feels. i cant stand this, i wish that if god were going to take her that he would just do it because i don't know how to deal with watching her suffer. I know its been a few weeks since you posted but please reply if you'd like to talk I'd be willing to do that.