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Re: Foot drop, nerve pain

[QUOTE=Dachshund;4848500]I had back fusion which left me with a drop foot and a lot of nerve pain. I can not use my right leg. The pain is constant, am taking percocet 4 times a day. At times i get electric shocks that are so awful i don't know what to do. Dr. Told me about tendon transfer. Anybody have that done and what kind of time to recover? Also need a good Dr. In northern Virginia. Talk to two and both gave different answers. Thanks for listen.. Alice

hi Alice, I came upon your post by accident. my first time here, I'm usually on the stroke forum. I'm sorry for the pain you go through, I've never had back surgery but my wife has had 9 surgeries on her back, so I have some idea of what you have endured? however, foot drop I've suffered from for years due to having a massive stroke in 1992. I'd tried every kind of splint/brace known to man, with little comfort. some wouldn't fit in my shoe, having to buy 2 different sizes to get one matching pair. then no place to donate the unused shoes. 14 years of buying shoes every 3 months, is a lot of extra shoes! mostly sneakers with Velcro straps, as I'm completely paralyzed on my entire left side. never learned to tie shoes with one hand.

about 4 1/2 years ago, I finally had the tendon transfer surgery, it's actually called S.P.L.A.T.T surgery, I'm not sure what the S.P.L.A. stands for? but the T.T is tendon transfer. the surgery itself is pretty simple, though it requires 18 incisions in your leg/foot, usually one nights stay in hospital, I had to stay 2 nights as I couldn't pass urine due to anesthesia? though simple, it was quite painful due to all the incisions, 1 under each toe, plus the rest. as I understand, they take the achilles tendon, and run it through a hole in your heel after pulling and shortening the tendon to pull your foot up. the first week I had to sleep in the recliner downstairs as I couldn't take the pain to walk upstairs to my bedroom. there are only a handful of doctors in the country who do this surgery? luckily my doctor, Dr, Mary Ann Keenan is one of the two doctors who developed the S.P,L,A,T.T surgery, and she is the head of orthopedics at University Of Pennsylvania Hospital, only about a 45 minute drive from my house, she is said to be the "best" has done hundreds of these surgeries. and there is a hotel connected to the UOP hospital you can stay till surgery is done or companion can stay till released in a day or two, never even have to go outdoors! the Dr.'s office even sets you up with a nurse and physical therapist to follow up with you till you recuperate , they're no longer needed? they come to your house a couple days a week.

to be honest, if I'd known of this surgery before. I'd had it done within 6 months after my stroke the pain was worth it, it pretty much got me out of my wheelchair after 14+ years of being in it. I only wish I'd asked her to lift my foot a few degrees up past neutral, as still if I don't make sure my bad foot is bent pretty good while walking, my foot will still tend to drag a bit.

the two casts of 8 weeks each then the boot you have to wear 6 weeks, were a pain, but necessary I guess? then 4 weeks of intensive physical therapy, and I've been walking unassisted for almost 5 years. the therapist told me my foot/ankle, probably will never get stronger? but, I'm very happy with the results. being totally paralyzed on my left side, my wife has to help me with showers, mostly just drying my feet and putting on my socks. my toes are still a bit tender from the incisions cut under them, but not unbearably so.

I'd recommend this surgery to anyone who has bad foot drop

I hope I've helped you just a bit with this post? it's taken me about 2 hours to type it with one finger on my right hand!

good luck and god bless

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