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Re: Time to quit pain meds but how to deal with pain without

I thought that is the way I understood it. I plan on giving it a few months to see where my true pain level is. Not going to rush into anything else. Was a miserable day, but seemed to get better over the day. I have moved back to the other plant on campus and it was not a day standing waiting for something to breakdown. Was a fairly strenuous day, so I am encouraged that I didn't get worse over the day. I think the search party as you put it is in full steam mode.
I also did way to much yesterday which is why I am suffering today. So with all that in consideration I am not to unhappy with where I am within a week of stopping. I do feel like a truck hit me in the left side. Anyway. Thank you Reach, and Kat. I am positive this is the best road, yet most likely a rough one.
Last night I had some of the restless leg/body for a few hours, and didn't sleep but a few hours. I was surprised to have that come back after a couple days without those symptoms. So, day to day I will see what happens. Appreciate the support here so much. Thank you !!!!