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Re: Foot drop, nerve pain


You should be aware that if you are trying to fix the pain, a tendon transfer is not going to resolve this issue. That is the #1 question you have to ask yourself. If it is the pain you are trying to fix, you need to seek help from a spinal surgeon or neurologist. There are spinal stimulators that can be implanted to diminished the shooting pain tremendously as well as other modalities to help.

If you want to support your ankle, you may look into a AFO. If you want to regain strength, then a split posterior tibial tendon transfer is a good option. The recovery is typically 6-8 weeks of non-weight bearing then several more weeks of physical therapy to re-train the transferred tendon. If you are looking for a procedure like this, you should contact Associated Foot & Ankle Centers of Northern Virginia. They are very good physicians, teach at surrounding residencies and lecture nationally.

Once again, I need to reemphasize the fact that a tendon transfer WILL NOT correct your pain related to the back fusion. If the pain is the main issue, you need to address this first with a neurologist, spinal surgeon or even pain specialist. A tendon transfer for dropfoot is not used to address pain. It is used to address weakness and inability to dorsiflex at the ankle.