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Re: Foot drop, nerve pain

hi Alice, I'm sorry if my posting caused more fear for you? I hope your husband's radiation treatments did the trick? my father in law had them a few years ago, since then his PS A's have tested low and he is fine. I hear you about him taking care of you after surgery, but honestly it's not that bad. foot drop is no fun in itself! people don't understand why we get so tired? they don't realize whenever we aren't setting down, we are basically standing on one foot at all times. it gets tiring quick. at least now I can balance myself on both feet! my wife has taken care of me for almost 19 years now, now she is in the hospital recovering from stomach surgery, she's had so many stomach surgeries she has to have adhesion's removed every 3-5 years this time they had entangled in her colon, they had to remove 8 inches of her colon. her surgery was on the 12th. of this month, she isn't home yet, I hope she's home by the weekend? she said she feels a little better today. most of her tubes have been removed and she's started on liquids, but hasn't eaten real food since September 11th. she wont be able to take care of me when she does get home, not sure I'll be able to take care of her? I've got a nurse lined up to come take care of her after she's home, plus my daughter is a nurse, she'll come by every day to check on her.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience in rehab for 48 days after back surgery as I said before my wife has had 9 surgeries on her back, so i know somewhat what you're going through. we've been married 31 years, together 34 years, never ever one day has she said she felt good.

my stroke was caused by being crushed in a work construction accident that fractured one vertebra in my back, broke my jaw in 5 places, pushed 20 of my teeth out, caused a complete carotid artery dissection i my right neck, "hence the stroke" I actually had the stroke in the emergency room at the hospital and lapsed into a 9 day coma. which I remember kinda mostly some parts are a bit fuzzy though. when I woke up they asked me if I knew my daughter? I nodded yes and tried to tell her she looked cute but my broken jaws and hurting mouth with only 2 teeth left the words with a hard "T" sound I couldn't say, it came out as she looked cupe, therefore the user name coupe. I spent a total of 3 years in the hospital and or rehab and they treated me very well so I'm sorry about your 48 days of bad! my wife was there every single day as long as she could be. she had to work also, the first 4 1/2 years or so I couldn't even wipe my own butt! I owe her the best care I can provide for her once she does get home, I'll see to it that she gets it! it's not that I have so much courage? it's simply, I'm determined to be my best and do the best I can with the best parts I have left!

of course I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. as prayers are what has kept me alive? my hospital record have me listed as clinically dead for 8 minutes and admitted into the hospital as brain dead.

again I'm sorry if my post scared you on the tendon transfer surgery? it certainly was not my intention!

good luck to you and all and god bless


PS. I do except private messages, though I'm very,very slow to reply. typing is quite hard for me with one finger and concentration. also my attention span can be gone in a flash I get distracted then my thought train is lost!
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