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Re: Time to quit pain meds but how to deal with pain without

Another day passed. Over 7 days without meds. Seem to be getting the day 2 and 3 symptoms back. Even with lucerna, last dose, I have only gotten 6 hours sleep in last 2 nights due to the restless innerds thing. Started fairly severe diahrea last night which lasted half the day today. Some good news my pain level was much better today even with some very heavy work. I have been taking 3 doses of 600 mgs ibuprofen a day for few days. Energy level may be up somewhat but with the lack of sleep kinda canceled out but can tell I wasn't drained today the way I was when taking oxy's. So, overall I am cautiously optimistic. I seem to be less on edge,angry. Actually caught myself smiling, wow. Scared me. lol.