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Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.

hi everyone - I have been following these posts carefully over the last few months. This is the first time I have found people with exactly the same symptoms as me. I have been diagnosed with a small hiatus hernia. Just as I'm coming out of phase 1 sleep, I get an electric shock/jolt in my chest area, then it will rediate like pins and needs right down into my legs. After that, mild or severe I'm awake again. Its causing severe insomnia and sleepless nights. Its funny like one of the contributors, I can get some sleep past 3 in the morning but I cant attract a reason. I can also get nausea too. I have had long association with this right back to my drinking days and fizzy drink overcumsumption. Now while anxiety has a part in this and it certainly doesn't help, and can increase the liklihood of these episodes - it is not the main cause - now that's where people and doctors get confused to a great extent. Its more to do with the hiatus hernia rubbing, letting of pressure or something to do with reflux - I cant get if propaly explained - doctors are reluctant to explain something they don't understand or is not in their little text book about atomach problems so pass it off as anxiety. Going non gluten has helped. There are certain things one can do to make episodes less. E.g. watching what you eat. If I have a particularly bad epsode one night after my hours sleep I can wake up with a knawing hollow feeling in my stomach, also my stomach feels sore when its empty. After reading this I don't feel as mad now which I have done when I've tried to explain it to people.

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