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puss discharge after Hemorhoidectomy

I had a Hemorhoidectomy, internal & external, 3 months ago. My surgeon closed the wounds with staples instead of sewing. Had to go and see him 2 month later to remove couple of staples that didn't fall. I have no problem during my morning BMs as I get on the tread mill for one hour every morning before the process. I recommend lot of walking as it eases the digestion process, and makes it easier for the BM process. I eat lot of vegetables, salads and fruits, and I take stool softeners 3 times a day. My every day breakfast is a bowl of oats cooked with boiled water and finished with a sprinkle of chops of dates and raisins.
Three months now and I still experience a discharge of puss, and sometimes mixed with traces of my waste, after my morning BM. This usually lasts for 5-6 hours and causes itching and little burn on the place of the last removed staples. I know the burn will go when the tiny openings of the removed staples heal, but Iím worried from the discharge and the inconveniency it causes. I do an average of 6-8 warm sitz bathes every day, one after BM and one before going to bed. (My job, office work, makes it easy and convenient for me). I use cotton sterile swaps all the time to control the spread of the discharge and keep the area clean.
My hitch is that I work in a different country from where I had my Hemorhoidectomy; hence I donít have easy access to my doctor, and unfortunately cannot find the right one in the area of my place of work.
Have anyone experienced such a discharge for so long? If yes, for how long.
Thank you for sharing my case with you.

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