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Re: Mild scoliosis with severe constant pain

Aw, hon. That's just terrible that your family doesn't understand. Have you gotten x-rays? If so, shove them in everyone's smug, judgemental faces.

Vitamin D deficiency causes more pain, so have a hydroxy vitamin D test done regularly, and even mild scoliosis can cause nerve compression, so don't you worry about it. Try and press for whatever surgical repair they would be willing to offer. Push for it before it's too late. It's probably going to get worse the older you get.

I remember hurting with it in my 20s, and you're just too young for all that suffering. Pain in the arms could surprisingly be due to nerve entrapment from your upper spine, or from carpal tunnel, which involves the median nerve, (that would include your thumb, pointer finger, and middle finger, up your arm, and into your collarbone, or if you have ulnar nerve entrapment, it would include the pinky finger, the one next to it, and that half of your hand, along with that arm, and it goes on up into the collarbone, as well.

Get nerve testing from a neurologist, and get a bone scan.

Get copies of your x-rays on disk to show your family. It should be free.

Pay them for a copy of the bone scan disk to show your family. I think it cost me $25.00

I see so many young people online whose families are against surgery, and I think it's just going to be regrettable for your families as you kids age. Shame, shame, shame on them. Keep your head up, and don't worry about what other people think. They don't have to spend one second in your skin to know how it feels.

My family never understood until they saw my x-rays, either, and nobody told me I had scoliosis. I didn't know because I didn't spend time in the mirror. I just happened to see my reflection in a door. lol. That's dense!

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