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Re: Reoccurring dream?

I haven't had a reoccurring dream since I was a kid, but when I was a kid, I would have this dream that me and my mom had to leave the house late at night for some reason, and when backing out of the driveway, the back of the car caught some kind of rope or string that was a trigger for the garage door, so the garage door started going up and down repeatedly, and my mom had to call my dad (who wasn't home for some reason) to find out how to stop it. It freaked me out because the garage door just kept constantly opening and closing, and things that repeat make me really nervous. It was so weird and I had that dream all the time as a kid.

I do have reoccurring themes, though. One of them is water and the color blue (usually together). But I haven't had those dreams in a few years. For the past few years, I get dreams that make me feel very nervous when I wake up, but I almost never actually remember them, even a moment after I wake up. I just know I was dreaming something that made me nervous.

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