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What do you think?

I'm curious what people's opinions are to this, if everything was done properly and all.

49 Year old patient had severe pain, believed appendicitis and went to the ER where she was eventually sent for a CT scan and X-rays that confirmed a large mass about 8cm. She was referred to an OBGYN who did a pap smear, the full works and a trans vaginal sonogram that confirmed the mass and mapped it around the ovary. The mass was biopsied and was later removed and was confirmed not to be cancer but had cancer cells on it. It had wrapped itself around the ovary. Later a hysterectomy was performed as well as a debulking. The patient went home to heal and felt good all things considered. A suggested chemotherapy and said it could go dormant so the patient agreed. She reacted badly to chemo, had many of the side effects and by Christmas stopped chemo and the Dr. said she was going into remission.

On the 17th of January 2011 the patient had severe stomach pain similar to menstrual pain. Dr suggested it was a phantom period and that it was possibly due to the hysterectomy. The patient was still seeing the OBGYN who in the March appointment said it sounded like a bowel blockage and asked her if she would see a vascular thoracic surgeon. The patient agreed and was slotted in. Dr. asked if she would do a study/test, she agreed. The study said there was a partial blockage. Dr.said there’d be no point in opening patient up, would face a “brick wall” and that it would be emergency surgery. He and other Dr believed the best thing to do would be to try and shrink it with chemo. The only other thing they could do was insert a feeding tube that would not provide nourishment which the patient declined. The patient got chemo and over time Dr. didn’t believe the chemo was working. The patient asked if this mass could be similar to the first, just wrapped around the bowel but Dr. insisted it was cancer stating that a “first year student could see that”. The patient wanted a biopsy but none was performed.

In August the patient’s husband asked Dr. about the Cancer Treatment Centers which Dr. said were a waste of time, they just want to treat you. The patient had an appointment with her OBGYN which she almost decided against going to due to a lack of hope and weakness but still went to. The next day she was sent for a CT scan.

Dr. asked the patient what she would do if they wanted her to do surgery and the patient said that’s what she wanted and Dr. looked puzzled in reply. In September the patient was switched from chemo to hydration and an anti-nausea drug. She began to feel stronger. Last Thursday Dr’s nurse gave her medication and the patient complained she couldn’t breathe due to the smell.

Dr. said that for the treatment centers the patient did everything to do with getting in, not the doctor. He also came across as against a 2nd opinion.

The patient is curious why the study was done and no biopsy, only chemo was offered. Was everything done properly and any recommendations?

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