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Re: Worried and waiting for x ray results


I'm a 51 year old woman...have smoked 6 cig's a day for about 28 years. Recently, I started having shortness of breathe, a cronic cough, unlike my normal smokers cough, and was sent by my Dr. for a lung X-ray...the results came back as "unusual"...and caused my Dr. to send me for a chest CT Scan, with contrast, (iodine)...they found multiple nodules in my lungs....not present a year ago....and I've been told I may have lung cancer. I've been having pain, and shortness of breathe for about 8 months. And chronic pain in my chest (lungs), and lower back....I would suggest a CT shows everything. I was diagnosed with large, and small nodules...thus the pain and inflamation, and back pain I've been having. Ask your doctor to do a CT Scan, with iodine...