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Unhappy Can adhesions make IBS worse?

If you scroll down the IBS page a little ways, you'll see a post I wrote about how my IBS has been going crazy. About a week after I wrote it, I ended up in the Emergency Room because of stomach pains that were extremely bad. They ran blood work and xrays (chest and abdomen) and told me that there was no blockage and they didn't even think I needed additional testing (like a ct scan, colonoscopy,etc) and I was sent home.

They said I had trapped gas. I never thought that gas would be that painful.

I started feeling better while I was in the ER and especially after getting home, and it felt like my stomach was finally getting back to normal. Only problem is, several times during the month of September - including last night - I had the same thing happen again. Severe stomach pains DURING bowel movements (is that normal for IBS?), and last night I was having cramps off and on - not constant like before, and could feel a painful mass in my gut somewhere below my belly button.

I took my anxiety medication and laid down. When I got up this morning, that painful mass was gone and I've been having BM's again. (sorry to be so graphic).

Yesterday, in an effort to lose weight because I just found I had gained nearly five pounds since my last weigh-in - I had a sandwich for lunch and a big bowl of carrots. Since my hernia and bowel resection surgery in '09 I've found there are foods I can't tolerate, like broccoli, cauliflower, and even corn and peas, But I didn't have problems with carrots until last night.

I'm careful about chewing like the surgeon told me. Could it be that the portion size (carrots) was too much for me? The sandwich wasn't big either. I never had trouble digesting carrots before, but I suppose that some of them could have been cooked better. They were nuked.

Has anyone out there had problems with digesting vegetables because of their IBS? Has anyone out there had surgery, with adhesions afterwards, and had problems similar to mine? If so, what did you do?

My stomach feels like it's trying to get back to normal again, but I'm tired of this runaround. I doubt it's anything serious because of all the tests they ran in the hospital. I think that the episode I had last night was caused by a combination of what I ate and the stress I've been under. I recently purchased a used car and it's had one problem after another. It may have to be junked.

I wish I could get my surgeon to agree to remove the adhesions, as I had a partial blockage in August 2010 that was treated with meds. They said that every time a person's stomach is opened up, there's an increased risk for more adhesions. I would give anything to have some relief, even if it lasts only a few years?

If anyone out there has any suggestions, I would appreciate them. I'm tired of IBS running my life. I can't take much more. Thanks.

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