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Overreacting or the right thing to do?

Last night I was out with my boyfriend and my best friend at a club/bar. My boyfriend was sulky because he thought I was being too involved with my friend (a girl) and ignoring him, though I wasn't. At some point he decided he wanted us to leave, but we were having fun and weren't ready to go. Knowing he had to wake up early, I offered to stay behind and drive my friend home later so my boyfriend could go sleep. At that point he got very upset, yelling at me in the crowded bar and threatening to dump me if I didn't leave with him on the spot. He also got pushy, physically blocking me from walking away and starting to push me towards the door. At that point a bouncer came to my rescue and escorted him out.

Once outside, he texted me saying that I'd gotten him thrown out of the club. I was shocked at being manhandled, and broke up with him.

He didn't hit me, and he was mildly drunk. But at the same time, I'm scared that small acts like these might escalate into more serious physical violence. I'm just scared of physical violence in general and don't want to become a victim.

However otherwise he was a very loving and affectionate boyfriend whom I love deeply, and I worry this might be overreaction.
What do you think?

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