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Re: Spinal Cord Stimulator for RSD

Not wishing to minimize hope, God knows with RSD I would never want to do that to you, I do suggest that you look slightly askance at your doctor's assertion that she/ he can eliminate as much pain as she says. I pray that she can , but having lived with a SCS, I know its capabilities as well as its limitations. You, like me, will experience the SCS's sensations going down your legs in order to reach your feet. The sensation isn't unpleasant, but it seems unnecessary given that your RSD is limited to your right knee. What did you do to get so lucky? I ended up with 5 pinched nerves in my feet. Such nerves are called neuromas. I just learned that neuromas should never be surgically excised which mine were. They should be treated cryogenically. I was a teacher, but the pain was so brutal that I had to stop because I couldn't stand for very long. So what is my message? Be somewhat suspicious. I'm sure your doctor wants to help, but having had such a device for many years, I think your doctor might be overly optimistic.

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